We Are Bouts.

London & Belfast: A Pictorial Reminiscence

We recently played our first London shows and then traveled to Belfast to play a great festival with one of our favourite bands. To celebrate such happenings and to capture a little of the flavour for future generations (i.e our older selves) photos were taken in the normal way. These have been assembled into something approaching a presentable ‘tableau’ if you will… Behold! 


Rocking the regional to London’s best kept aviation secret…(London Southend but shhhh)


Colin being told there is no free wifi on the flight.


The happiest anyone has ever been at London Southend’s one baggage carousel.


Boys enjoying the sparkly wallpaper of Brixton’s finest in Indian cuisine.


The Windmill Brixton. Proper ace.


Boys being boys in Turbine Hall at The Tate. The Matisse exhibition was great though.


One day all of this will have free wifi. But for now dodgy BT hotspots rule.


Happy in the Shacklewell Arms, Dalston. Unusual for London pubs it stays open very late. And it’s really nice too boot. Recommended.


An abstract photo illustrating the conformity of contemporary urban living. Or just a really professional wiring job. 


The Dublin Castle, Camden: Tuesday April 29th would have been a cracker.


Deepfried chocolate whatever of disgustingness. Although the drummer begs to differ.


Colin and Niall play footise. Everyone else pretends not to notice. Awkward.


Post-Dalston show wipeout.


The Windmill Brixton puts the shabby into chic.


Something weirdly bizarre and somewhat sinister going on here.


Hanging round streetcorners for some not-so-subtle wifi leeching from the bar we’d been the previous day…*sigh*


"Gotta lose that sax solo!!"


Pre-show ritualistic Red Stripe sacrifice and candle burning in full swing.


Pauric’s just told Barry’s there’s free wifi here.


London’s Overground is nicer than Underground. Full stop.


Pauric, merch man and general 5th Beatle, riveted by another Niall C Jackson special.


Barry temporarily losing facial muscle control. No-one else caring or noticing much.


Dalston taking its hipster reputation to ridiculous new highs / lows.


Opportunistic mirror self portrait.


Someone’s told the guys there’s free wifi on this train.


Drummer Daniel and Tate Tat.


Don’t you just hate getting papped.


The UK’s “N” signage lettering at historically low levels? Improvise.


Destined for “were you there” status…


Late night taxi ride past Willy Gee Ltd.


Oyster Card top-up was touch and go for Barry sometimes.


Album cover for Colin’s post grimecore dubstep side-project.


Looking at photos of the Overground on the, ugh, Underground.


Who are we kidding, Dalston Superstore may have good eggs but we stay for the wifi.


The bright, clean, efficient London Overground brought to you by Colin’s fascination with his panorama setting.


Did someone say cheesy homage??!!?? Yes!


P looking dapper for the flight home.


Dreaming of the oceans of readily accessible 3G back home.


Yuck being all “on-stage” in Belfast’s Black Box.


Post show YOUTS GROUPSHOT!! (Thanks to Kaiser Caimo for the pic)

BOUTS 2014 UK Dates and more!

After a period of rest and reflection it’s now time for some shows… 

  • 19th April - Record Store Gay, Venue TBA, DUBLIN
  • 19th April - Record Store Day, Bello Bar, DUBLIN
  • 25th April - Tipsy Bar, Dalston, LONDON
  • 26th April - Windmill Brixton, LONDON
  • 27th April - Dublin Castle, Camden, LONDON
  • 2nd  May - Black Box w/ Yuck, BELFAST
  • 23rd May - Whelans (Upstairs) w / Bantum + Carriages (Headline show)
  • 31st May - Leixlip Festival, KILDARE, IRELAND

And here’s a sort-of related picture of a youthful Blur outside The Dublin Castle. Sensing a cheesy re-enactment somewhere in our future…


Album Tour - October / November 2013

Dublin———> Monaghan———> Limerick———> Belfast———>

Galway———> Clonakilty———> Cork City———-> HOME !!

imagePlectrums. Important. Chronically misplaced all the f&^*ing time.

imageFloor tom in the face while driving? Best take a selfie!

imageNiall and Daniel looking beyond thrilled to have our pride and joy on display in Tower just before our in-store. 

imageBundles of merch joy.

imageMonaghan pre-gig 1. Colin’s foot not yet broken.

imageMonaghan pre-gig 2. Colin’s foot still not broken.

imageHospital chairs have an unmistakable air. Diagnosis uncertain.

imageFoot officially broken, Colin and Mr Boylan Sr. capture the moment for posterity. Colin’s Dad looks surprisingly upbeat about the whole situation. 

imageCrayonsmith… let out for the evening in Limerick and playing a fine set. They have also released a fine album. 

imageClassy Belfast venue admission-stamp action.

imageMerch Box on tour - Belfast. Still with added fairy lights (at this stage).

imageYeah that.

imageAnd plenty of this.


imageThe humanity…

imageNiall is really good at standing…

imageSo are Elastic Sleep. Look at them there on their hind legs. Not the drummer though. Like obvs.

imageWhy so glum? Just another seven flights to go. Colin not amused by the loftiness of DeBarra’s guest loft.

imageObligatory DeBarra’s Folk Club shot 1.

imageAaaaand shot 2.

imageAaaaand shot 3.

imageGroup shot!


Debarra’s really is the loveliest…


…loveliest place. That’s Noel Redding’s bass up there on the wall top right. Barry and Daniel chat amiably while Colin fixes death stare thinking about leg.


Our wonderful host and promoter Eoghan. He brought us to the beach.


*For safety reasons Colin was left in the car. The windows rolled down enough for adequate circulation. We’re not animals…*

imageCoke and Meanies cure-all.

imageUnnamed sleeping Bouts male. (Very) late twenties. Stewie socks. Honestly.


Gulp’d Cork City. Day after night before. Tour over. 

Thank you all for coming out, paying in, sharing time and interest, effort and hospitality, stories and indulgences.

B O U T S      X

Nothing Good Gets Away LP (2013)


Ladies and gents, delighted to announce the details of our debut album. Nothing Good Gets Away is out October 25th on our own newly incarnated imprint - Wonky Karousel Records. The album was recorded in various locations throughout Dublin, including K9 Studios and Guerilla Sound Studios with John “Spud” Murphy (Katie Kim, The Jimmy Cake, Percolator) and mixed by Jessie Gander (Japandroids - Celebration Rock) in The Hive, Vancouver. The album artwork above was designed by Darragh David Nolan and will be released both digitally and on 250 limited edition hand-numbered 12” vinyl. There will also be a small number of CDs available.

We play a launch show (with very special guests) in Dublin’s Grand Social on Saturday Oct 26th with a full Irish tour to be announced shortly.

The tracklist:

Nothing Good Gets Away

01. Novelty

02. 6.0

03. Cutaways

04. I Want

05. Laugh Along

06. Atomisation

07. Jittery

08. Pliable Me

09. Ruse

10. Moonraker

Listen to ‘6.0’ the first single taken from Nothing Good Gets Away by Bouts. Out October 25th, 2013. www.gimmebouts.com

A guide to guitar goodness

After our recent entry detailing the drum and bass recording next up we have a little piece from the other side of the intra band divide; the guitarists.

We recorded guitars in our rehearsal space underneath an old railway bridge on the active Dublin-Sligo line. The space allowed us be loud - important - and indulge in multiple effects, amp and pedal set-ups over as much time as we needed. Deadlines were present but less onerous and pressurised than if we’d decided to stick to the traditional studio approach. We also liked the idea of slightly scuzzier guitars layered over a cleaner, crisp drum and bass sound.

Under the bridge (Downtown! - see what we…yeah) had it’s own particular ambience. Overhead trains would rumble every 10 minutes or so (at peak) rattling the walls and disturbing the flakes of mould from the walls to fall like gentle snow upon our heads… amps…laptops - basically all manner of expensive equipment. However, generally the trains never bled through the microphones. We bolstered amps within walls of cushions and egg cartons - killing as much room sound as possible.
Generally Colin and Barry would alternate production roles. One operating Pro Tools / setting up mics, the other concentrating on playing. The role of critic and evaluator changed depending on where they sat that week. Each did one week playing, one week engineering. The rhythm twosome would pop in from time to time but for the most part it was a two man job. To others in the room the tedious, indulgent and deconstructed nature of hearing one section of song hacked out over and over again is probably not the most pleasant way to spend an evening. To those involved it was completely engaging and, when it started to come together - very satisfying. The perfect take was usually agreed with equal levels of mutual self-re-assurance and healthy skepticism. “That was it yeah? Yeah! Felt good yeah? Yeah! Great…yeah?” etc. 
Some tracks were painful. Others a breeze. All were revisited multiple times with the later visits rendering the better takes. The first songs to have guitars put down were all redone much later in the process as we applied what we’d learned over the previous weeks to better the sound. The difference was palpaple.
The next few things we will have to write about are recording additional percussion (we did this last week over two evenings) followed by the vocal and backing vocal recording process. For that we are heading into another studio as our own experiments with home recording didn’t fare as well as the guitars. In a few weeks we will be officially finished recording and the mixes will be sent off.
For any gear nerds out there here is a small list of equipment we used while recording the guitars.
Amps: 1963 / 64 Vox AC30, Fender “Evil” Twin, Orange Dual Terror, Marshall 4x12 Cab, Marshall MG30 Watt, an old Crate amp.
Guitars: Fender Tele Highway One, Fender Tele (Japanese), Epiphone Les Paul, Takamine semi-acoustic.
Pedals (in no particular order): Boss DD7, Boss RV5, Boss MT2, Digitech Vocal 300, Ibanez Tube Screamer, MXR Classic 108 Fuzz, GI Fuzz, Zoom MFX.

About the enter the cave


The glamourous studio


Colin and a heater


Improvised soundproofing. It got very hot in there.


Thanks to Troubadour for the use of this guy.


Experimenting with dual amp set ups and a vocal effects pedal.


Barry always makes an effort.


Pedal porn.


Colin making noise.


 Close up.

A record of recording rhythm

It’s been a while since we have done a Tumblr post but we felt now would be a good time to offer up another one. We have been been locked up in our rehearsal place over the winter and spring writing, rewriting, deconstructing and rebuilding, only venturing out for the odd show here and there when the offer was too good to turn down.

We moved into a new rehearsal space in January which gave us a renewed focus and energy. Many songs still remained from our Sem sessions last summer but they’ve developed in a variety of ways. As we started to get a group of songs together that sounded like they could form an album it was time to think about how we wanted to record these tracks. We were interested in doing some of the recording ourselves as this would offer us more time to experiment with sounds, tones and textures. A recording studio always looks like a fun place to hang out but in reality it can often be slightly suffocating creatively because you are up against the clock and every minute you spend in there is costing you (a lot of) money. To get the best results from recording you want to be relaxed not tense so we wanted to look at different ways to approach the process.

However, recording drums outside a professional studio is a different kind of nightmare so we knew that we would need to do these in a controlled environment. This decision coincided with us winning some prize money so we had the cheque made out to Shane Cullen in K9 Studios. We have used Shane for every Bouts recording to date and we knew we could go in there with the minimum amount of fuss and he would get us the exact results we were looking for in the time (read money) we had available. At the same time we reasoned it would be beneficial to record the bass parts as this meant that the drums and the bass would be properly locked in together, something that is crucial for the album. It also meant we would only need to worry about recording guitars and vocals ourselves, both of which we wanted to spend time on.

To save ourselves further hassle we prerecorded all the click tracks for the album in the weeks running up to studio time. There was significant trial and error involved in this but it meant we could try different tempos and make sure were happy with everything before we went in. The more stuff we could do on our own, ahead of time, the better.

We began official album recording on April 5th in K9 and after about half a day setting up the drums and making sure everything was sounding sweet spent 3 days recording 12 songs in total. As is always the case the songs that we thought would be easiest caused some headaches and the ones we had earmarked as potential pitfalls turned out to be a breeze. The equipment used was a mixture of pieces from Daniel’s own gear, the lovely studio kit and also a sweet bass drum borrowed from Peter O’Shea of So Cow. In the end everything sounded great and once it is mixed and mastered it should sound huge.

With the drums running over time slightly Niall was left with next to no time to record his bass parts. We decided to spring for an extra day to give him time to do them justice and he promptly knocked them out of the park. He used his own Jag for most of the tracks but also experimented with some different effects and basses in the studio to get the exact sounds we wanted for the album. Getting the bass and drums right was crucial for how the album will sound when it is finished. Bouts is usually described as a guitar band but everyone plays their part in the construction of every song and if you were to take any one of us out it wouldn’t be the same.

All in all the rhythm section put down all their pieces (minus some additional percussion) in 5 days in the K9 and this meant we now had the foundations in place on which to build our album. The baton was passed over to Colin and Barry who were going to record their guitar parts in our rehearsal space. In the next few days we will put up a post detailing their efforts but for now enjoy a few photos of the rhythm recording below.


Ready to go


The set up


The Kit


Doing the drums


Bass selection


Should probably plug it in…


Don’t fret Shane


'Nearly there'


'It was a good take but…'

And right down the very bottom, if you got this far, is a Little video snippet


New York, new songs, new friends.

As hurricane Sandy grips New York and it’s surrounds I hope it’s ok if we recount our recent trip there through pictures. I promise no hurricane puns, we do hope all of our new New York friends and families are ok. Strangely enough in between some stormy days the sun shone strong most of the week we were there.

We had promised ourselves a hibernation period from the start of August to nearer Christmas to continue writing the forthcoming album, but the offer of CMJ along with a couple of Dublin festival dates were too tempting to turn down. It was a great opportunity to bring what we’ve done to date stateside before we go in to record the full band debut album. Our first gig in Manhattan’s lower east side venue, The Living Room, coincided with our 1st year anniversary as a live entity. To celebrate we printed up a limited run of 100 CD’s with the 6 tracks we’ve recorded so far. 

You can grab the final copies of that CD at our one remaining Dublin date of 2012 on November 17th in Whelan’s,https://www.facebook.com/events/112219302271089/  We’ll be road testing all of the new songs we’ve written for the first time. 

Barry has a more detailed diary of our New York times in writing over on The Point of Everything’s blog at http://www.thepointofeverything.com/2012/10/24/bouts-cmj-diary/ 

Brooklyn Living- shower whilst frying an egg.

Bouts big bedroom. Bedroom Bouts Big. Big Bouts Bedroom. Sorry, Cabin Fever!

Not that we’d have it any other way. Subway daisy chain. Don’t get lost.


We’ve made it! Our 1st New York Show. The Living Room, lower east side.

The Merch stall. An essential in America. They buy stuff there.

Everything is bigger in America


Paths to Freedom…tower

Highline - West Manhattan.

Setting up at The Bell House - Gowanus. The Joan of Arc drummer was our sound engineer!

Post Bell House gig, pre Colin juicing up on Pumpkin Ale (9%) Turf War set up behind us.

"What have you reduced me to Pumpkin!?"

Barry yawns in the face of athletics and academia. Subway home at “x-am”

Subway ride number #1048


Where’s Dan?

Seriously, where’s Dan?

Barry’s solo tour poster of America taken care of anyway. 

Knowing that no matter how many records we put out we will never top a Cookie Monster cupcake with an ACTUAL cookie in his gob.

Look don’t touch. 

Perousing the fine print of that sweet, sweet Domino deal.

NYU recording studio, where we were filmed recording a new song, live…

Spike Hill- Williamsburg for the Paper Gardens records showcase. CMJ

A very excited Colin meets Paul Banks of Interpol. Dan fought hard not to ask his wife, Helena Christiansen, to take it.

Niall wouldn’t get excited by such things….WAIT, THE BIG PIANO! Move it kids.


Sunny Central Park stroll. Expect lots of new songs about squirrels and gondolas.

Scored free tickets to MOMA on the last day.

Fans queue up to see us off. “DON’T GO” they cried, many fainted.

Back to the land of *Celtic Mist 

*© IanMcFarlane

Album Demo Sessions July 2012

It’s been a hectic few months for us since the turn of the year with gigs and the double A-side release. We’ve also had super sub Enda complete his 3 month stint in the band. In between all the shows and the practice they require we’ve been working on new material for our full band debut. To really kick-start this process we decamped to Monaghan for two weekends recently.

We were extremely grateful to be given access to the gym in St. Macartan’s College, the secondary school attended by Daniel and Colin. We had the whole place to ourselves and were able to spend long hours honing some ideas that have been buzzing around in recent months and also come up with new ones. We came away at the end with a handful of new songs, a bunch of photos and a new-found hatred of unpredictable automated gates.

We have a mini tour happening this week with shows in Dublin tomorrow, Limerick Thursday, Castlepalooza Saturday and Indiependence on Sunday. After that you might not see us for a while so come out and see us!


Niall’s Back? I didn’t even know he was gone.

Poor abandoned Hoffner

Shadows and crisps

Barry never misses the shipping forecast

Standard band photograph. Look serious.


Jackson shows another bass string who’s boss.


Barry’s filing system leaves a lot to be desired.

Barry doing his serious artist shtick, complete with blazer.

The worrying thing here is Niall’s shorts are on the ground. Not again….

Lyric sheet/amp head colour coordination is essential for the modern musician.

You can’t stop Barry waving at the camera. Colin, not impressed.

The Bouts recording studio.

Bouts rockin’ rhythm section doing what they do best; rockin’. The clue was in the description.

Niall might have his trousers on but you can’t take chances. Just keep looking up.

Could almost be a gig.

This is just a really awesome photo.

Colin and Mike.

Bouts from below.

Bouts from above.

We are just about to “hit it” it would appear.


Thanks to Rob Flynn who took a lot of these photos.

March 17th - April 16th 2012

Ten gigs, 750 miles and a recording session. Our Get Sick // Turn Away vinyl tour was the most fun we’ve ever had. Thank you Galway, Cork, Limerick, Monaghan, Belfast, PUSA, Honningbarna, We Are Losers, Girl Band, Tremoya, Terriers, Amateur Historians, Autumn Owls, Caroline Duke, Vinnie D, John, Darragh and Shane C. Enjoy the photos!

Pre. So young and full of fresh-faced promise.

Vicar St soundchecking like he just don’t care.


PUSA after-house-party attitude. Really.

Tower Recs. And a fine selection of footwear.

Bouts (indie-rock)

Gav E goes wedding singer at The Workmans.

Idiots with sunglasses.

Idiots without.

The key of shame.


Limerick is nice to bands.

Bourkes is Bouts.

Room with a view.

Riverdancing penguin phantoms.

Enda looks. Boys read.

Barry laughs. Colin doesn’t.

All Good Friday and nowhere to go. Started role-playing. “Come here often?”

Couldn’t. Be. Happier.

"Ball" to begin a new game ?!

The Weakest Link / Bridge of the Enterprise.

Indian Limerick.

The little things.

Not happy.

Bouts take cake seriously.



Eyes closed-off.

Eyes open-off.


The fuuuuuuuuuuuucuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk…


Cork. Palm (like) trees. How far south are we?

On the line between cool and not, this is probably the right side.

This…is not.

Setting up in Pluggd. Lovely.

Like father like son.

Colin will kill Enda now.

So glad we brought those spare PLASTIC KNIVES.

Classy in Monaghan.

Sax in Monaghan.

Crowdsurfing in Monaghan.

Pirate mustache men in Monaghan.

Post-Monaghan face warp.

Tired now. Still in Monaghan.

Half tonne down.

Galway likeness. Guess who’s who??

If a van could look like a band sounded, Honningbarna win.

Bouts always insist on top billing.

Belfast jelly burger.

Tour shadow Belfast style.

Red wine and red set-list paper.


Enda went for the budget braces option.

Makes the bass.

Makes the singing.

Makes the drum. Very happy about it too.

Till the next one folks…